The Winners of Lifetime Subscriptions

Dec 7 2012 by Jacob Gube | No Comments

The Winners of Lifetime Subscriptions

We recently ran a giveaway of five lifetime subscriptions to, a new mobile app prototyping tool. Read this post to see the Six Revisions readers who’ve won themselves a Pro subscription that’ll never expire.

The Winners

Here are our five lucky Six Revisions readers:

Please join me in congratulating the winners in the comments below!

The winners should’ve already received an email containing information about how to get their prize.

SQL query showing the 5 winners that were selected at randomSQL query showing the 5 winners that were selected at random. Email addresses were removed from the screenshot for privacy.

About is a web-based tool for creating interactive mobile app prototypes. It allows you to create realistic prototypes that work like real apps. You can even test and experience your mobile app prototypes on actual mobile devices!’s Free Plan

Didn’t win a Pro subscription in our giveaway? has a free subscription plan that gives you 1 active project, 5 prototype screens and 10MB of storage space that you can use for prototyping a simple mobile app.

Sign up for your free subscription now.

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