The Future of WordPress

Apr 16 2014 by Marko Heijnen | No Comments

Starting with just a simple line of code 11 years ago, WordPress has evolved to become the platform of more than 74 million websites.

Even with a vast array of competitors offering similar functionality, WordPress still dominates the CMS market with a 21.9% market share.

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How to Make Distributed Design Teams Work

Apr 14 2014 by Noah Coffey and Aaron White | No Comments

With more and more technology companies adopting remote working environments, having team members in different parts of the world is not uncommon any more.

Remote working comes with many benefits, but also unique challenges.

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Wireframes vs. Prototypes: What’s the Difference?

Apr 11 2014 by Marcin Treder | No Comments

A wireframe is not the same as a prototype but even seasoned design professionals can sometimes get the two terms mixed up.

It’s time to set things straight once and for all, since (semantics aside) the difference between a wireframe and a prototype is actually quite substantial.

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