Your WordPress Security is Horrible – Here’s How to Fix It

Mar 4 2015 by Caleb Lane | No Comments

You’ve probably heard plenty of horror stories about security problems involving WordPress sites (such as this one and this one), and they may have gotten you worried.

The truth is, we could all implement additional measures for securing our WordPress installs. Here are five things you can do today to greatly enhance the security of your WordPress-powered sites.

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7 CSS Tools You Should Be Using

Feb 25 2015 by Jacob Gube | No Comments

CSS is getting more and more complicated to write. Thankfully, there are tools that make the task of authoring CSS a little bit easier.

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The Big Changes to Pay Attention to in AngularJS 1.3

Feb 18 2015 by Avinash Kaza | 2 Comments

AngularJS has evolved quite rapidly. Its latest release, version 1.3, nicknamed "superluminal-nudge", ushers in plenty of exciting features and improvements.

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